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(No Credit Reports Needed)

 Are You:

1. 30, 60 or 90 days late on your car payments?
2. Current now but about to be late?
3. Facing a financial hardship that caused missed payments?
4. Upside down in the value of your Car?
5 .Currently facing repossession?

We Can Help:

Stop Repossession. There are options. Never let your lender repo your car. We can contact your lender and stop the repossession on the Spot!

Lower your car payments. There are programs in place to make car payments more affordable. This is not a refinance and no credit report is needed. You will need to have owned the car for at least one year.

Car payment help center focuses solely as a client advocate and as a referral source to assist with repossession prevention via communication with clients lender and various affiliate resources.

We offer free consultationsNo office visit is required, consultations are done by email or phone. Fill out the confidential form and we will be in touch with you today.

Car repossessions this year are at the highest level in at least a decade

Over 2 million cars were repossessed in 2011
Repo Lots Over Filled With Reclaimed Cars

Over 1.4 million Repos could have been stopped may be the most
effective tool used to save vehicles from repossession or lower payments.

88% of car owners that were pro-active stopped repo and lowered their car payments

Each bank has its own internal policies on how and when it begins repossession. If you are late or about to be late, Now is a good time to seek assistance.  If your car was recently repossessed, call us now.
You Do Not have to settle any longer for a High Car Payment. 
With economic hard times pressing on all of us it can be easy to fall behind on bills..
There are programs in place to make car payments more affordable.

Don't Let This Happen to You!

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